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In the last few years, we've seen the popularity of virtual items explode to the point where they've outgrown even what their creators expected. That's why OPSKINS (WAX) was created. Each year, gamers purchased over $50 billion dollars of virtual items and OPSKINS has made that process safe and secure for everyone involved. This has allowed markets for virtual items to evolve into what we have today. (WAX) Worldwide Asset Exchange is the next step in that evolution. Worldwide Asset Exchange or (WAX) is a brand new platform built from the ground up specifically to make it easier for gamers to buy and sell their skins. (WAX) unifies the entire virtual economy by creating a single market allowing gamers to see all of the virtual items for sale anywhere in the world in real-time.

Whats the Purpose of (WAX) World Asset Exchange Tokens?

By creating a complete database, you will be able to buy the exact items that you want at the lowest prices available anywhere. (WAX) makes transactions between gamers from anywhere around the world possible through the (WAX) token. The (WAX) token is the first cryptocurrency that is specifically designed for buying and selling skins. The (WAX) token greatly reduces the fees that gamers have to pay everytime they buy or sell skins, and since it's available worldwide, (WAX) tokens will be accepted by everyone. The best part is, since (WAX) is on the blockchain, all transactions will be 100% safe. (WAX) also enables traders to easily create their very own marketplace at no cost, allowing them to advertise their items to all the potential buyers worldwide.

What Are (WAX) Tokens or World Asset Exchange Tokens Used For?

(WAX) also introduces highly requested features such as item bidding and buy orders for specific items. (WAX) also opens the doors to completely new possibilities with smart-contracts. Users can setup rental services for skins or monetize their knowledge for price checks. (WAX) gives entrepreneurs a huge variety of opportunities to set up and operate completely new businesses without the startup cost. (WAX) also takes security to a whole new level, by introducing a new user wide reputation system. Each transaction a user makes will affect the reputation for their account, making potential scammers to be easily identified and avoided. Video gamers will have an exclusive opportunity to purchase (WAX) tokens.

What is the (WAX) World Asset Exchange Tokens Platform?

Nearly 2 billion video gamers worldwide. 400M+ gamers purchase $50bn in virtual items every year and they value their in-game assets and worry about trading safely and securely. That's (WAX) created OPSKINS, with millions of loyal buyers and sellers and over $150 million transactions completed, OPSKINS has become the global leader in buying and selling video game virtual assets.

The (WAX) OPSKINS centralized trading platform has created trust and eliminated fraud for customers as OPSKINS has become a strong and growing community, but there's plenty more to come. The founders of OPSKINS announced the worldwide asset exchange (WAX), a decentralized platform designed to serve video gamers who collect and trade. (WAX) brings the power of OPSKINS to everyone. (WAX) tokens can be used to acquire in-game assets and enable everyone to operate a fully functional video game marketplace, similar to OPSKINS, with zero investment in security infrastructure and the transactions processing. A decentralized (WAX) platform will allow millions of traders to create their stores on one platform that unites everyone, with instant payments bringing millions of new participants to a growing ecosystem.

The (WAX) marketplace is a global virtual item platform accessible for everyone, providing a complete catalogue of all assets available for sale in real-time, with massive liquidity, buyers and sellers get best prices and quick payouts and the global gamer community receives their own secure virtual item exchanges on the blockchain with (WAX). Similar to how marketplaces such as Amazon, Alibaba and Airbnb change commerce for millions of small businesses owners and created hundreds of billions of dollars of new value, (WAX) empowers a new generation of virtual asset traders.

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