Wawlett Review (WIN) Token – Investors Guide

Wawlett is glad to announce an initial coin offering on the 29th of January 2018. 100 million (WIN) tokens are designated for issuing at a price of $3 USD per token. The (WIN) token will be used as the exclusive payment method for the Wawlett platform and it's accredited third-party providers. The (WIN) token is compliant with the ERC20 standard as a utility token. Here is why you should get (WIN) tokens now:

  • Wawlett implies the "settlement value mechanism," it is the value that each of your (WIN) tokens will be worth. When the relevant transaction fees are calculated.
  • Wawlett guarantees that the settlement value for (WIN) tokens will be the highest of four parameters:
    • $9 US dollars.
    • Three times the base Ethereum market value multiplied by Ethereum attributable rate.
    • Three times Bitcoin market value multiple multiplied by Bitcoin attributable rate.
  • (WIN) token market value as detailed in the white paper and the terms and conditions.

Why did we introduce this mechanism? Wawlett will attribute a minimum settlement value of at least $9 US dollars for each token that costs you only $3 US dollars. Whether the Bitcoin or the Ethereum price is going up or down or if these coins do not appreciate or depreciate in value, your (WIN) token will never drop below the $9 US value. Sounds confusing?

Here's an example:

Let's say that after the Wawlett ICO, Bitcoin appreciates in value ten times, a rate that is higher than the other 3 parameters in the settlement value formula. The (WIN) settlement value will be equal to three times the Bitcoin attributable rate, which means $90 US dollars. In this case, you paid $3 in Bitcoin for a (WIN) token.

So instead of holding $30 in Bitcoin after Bitcoin increased it's value ten times, now you get $90 as a settlement value in Wawlett services. Now let's say after the Wawlett ICO, Bitcoin and Ethereum drop don by 90%. Instead of having $3 US dollars, you would have $0.30 in Ethereum or Bitcoin linked values, but when holding a (WIN) token, you will never have less than $9 US dollars per token to use for Wawlett services. And of course, the (WIN) token may be traded between users and the market.

In case the (WIN) token market value is higher than the other 3 parameters of the settlement value formula, Wawlett will attribute the (WIN) market value price for executing transaction fees. Remember, you will always get whichever of the settlement values is higher.

With the Wawlett settlement value mechanism, you will always remain on the winning side! For complete management of your investments in Wawlett, invest in our managed cryptocurrency portfolio where we'll pay dividends on the returns on the profits we generate from a collective pool of investors.

What is Wawlett?

Imagine cashing out cryptocurrency, buying Bitcoin from your bank, or making international transfers from your current account all in a matter of seconds with an easy app. The world's first multi-asset wallet and personal financial passport that connects people, banks and financial services both traditional and new. Wawlett lets you instantly and legally store, transfer and convert assets between four pockets.

  • Fiat
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Cards
  • Gold

This revolutionary new service enables you to cash out your cryptocurrency to your bank account without worrying about AML or regulatory delays. Instantly withdraw cash stored in cryptocurrency or gold through the card pocket. Buy cryptocurrency from your bank within seconds, without missing out on attractive trades due to long transfer times. Trade and store gold without physically accessing a valued service and transfer fiat money internationally between 2 Wawlett bank accounts with no price volatility, at a low cost, and as quickly as a cryptocurrency transfer. Wawlett offers worldwide coverage, connecting hundreds of local financial services providers into a global technological mesh; and maintaining full compliance with all jurisdictional and inter-jurisdictional regulations. And wherever your value is stored, Wawlett will secure it with without interfering.

Introducing Wawlett

Wawlett holds none of your fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies, but rather enable you to control them more quickly and fully by linking their app to your bank and cryptocurrency accounts. In each jurisdiction, Wawlett partners with licensed providers, including banks, cryptocurrency exchanges, traders and secure vaults. As the owner, you have full control of all of your assets at all times. Once you set up a Wawlett account and pass KYC protocol, you will get the following:

  • An IBAN account.
  • One or more debit cards.
  • A cryptocurrency app to store your cryptocurrencies.
  • A gold commodity account.
  • Room in a secured vault to store your gold.

And of course, a financial passport recognized globally by all Wawlett users and partners. Wawlett is set to transform asset transfer worldwide. We invite you to invest in our managed cryptocurrency portfolio so you can get a greater return on your (WIN) token investments. 

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