TruePlay - A Blockchain Platform For Gambling Projects

Ilya Gnoensky, CEO of TruePlay says, "ICO's are the new big thing. So many projects to explore, so many opportunities to invest in, so how does one know which one to pick? At least what industry to look into at."

When you think about online gambling, what usually comes to mind? Something shady, dishonest, crooked, even a scam right? That's what half of the internet users think and it's really bad for the industry. Players are afraid of gambling and casinos lose a lot of money.

TruePlay has been working in this industry for 15 years now, and they know it inside out. They say they're one hundred percent sure that if it becomes more transparent, everyone is going to benefit. The players, casino owners, affiliates and game content providers. It's going to be a clear win for everyone.

The online gambling market is growing at a tremendous rate and in the next 5 years it will increase two fold, and what else is progressing so fast? Blockchain. By 2022 it will increase 5 fold. So what is TruePay? A unique software solution that uses blockchain as it's core technology and they assure that it's going to change the online gambling market and make it trustable, transparent and more profitable for everyone.

Now it's not just another blockchain casino, think of it as, all in one, full integrated state of the art platform that supports gambling projects everywhere, it's like an ecosystem that has in it hundreds of verifiable and trustable online casinos. And millions of loyal and satisfied players all over the world.

TruePlay is a real company with 15 years of experience in online gambling, they've created casinos from scratch, developed software and payment systems, provided technical support and helped attract customers. That's what makes TruePlay uniquely qualified to do this really well.

TruePlay – A Blockhain Platform For Gambling Projects


  1. Receiving payments in different cryptocurrencies. Utility token Tplay is a way into the cryptocurrency community and acceptance of cryptocurrency in any gambling project.
  2. KYC/AML participants verification. Verified gamers stay logged in all the projects.
  3. Transparency in all transactions. Transparency in all transactions and control over finances of all gamers brought in.
  4. Games honesty control based on the blockchain technology. TruePlay in games honestly control on the blockchain technology. All games results are generated before the start and their hash is saved on the blockchain. After the game is played, gamers can verify has results with those on the blockchain.
  5. Turn key solutions for all projects, including that of the platform itself. TruePlay also offers turnkey solutions with integrated games. TPlay honestly controls. Gamingtec alsready launched a fully functional project based on the TruePlay platform.
  6. Licensing and games from top international providers.
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