This Family Sold Everything To Buy Bitcoin

This family is living on a campsite in the Netherlands, because they're big believers in Bitcoin.

Here's what's going on: Didi Taihutti, his wife, three kids and their cat sold literally everything they own. Their house, bikes, furniture, cars, clothes, toys and even their shoes. They traded it all in for Bitcoin, and now, they're waiting for the cryptocurrency to really take off. It's only been a few months, but they say they don't regret a thing. "Sell it, sell it, what can we lose?

Yeah, we can lose all of the material stuff. Yeah, we can lose all our money. 

Yeah, we don't have three cars anymore. We don't have the motorcycle anymore. But in the end, I think we, as a family, will still be happy and just enjoying life, and if we have to start over, we'll start over again." – Didi says in an interview. The family is making their little experiment public.

They're documenting their journey on social media and they're even taking donations in Bitcoin. Bitcoin has already seen a pretty big rally this year, but Didi is hoping to see the price a lot higher in 2020.

So, he's living the minimalist lifestyle and biding his time till that big payday. "Money has to evolve, it's evolving now to cryptocurrency, and why not be a part of this evolvement of money? Everything evolves. Technology evolves, internet evolves, money has to evolve as well." – Didi says in an interview.

But for Didi, it's about more than cashing in on a big return. He believes that the blockchain technology that underpins cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is going to fundamentally disrupt the way we interact with money. "At the moment, there is a revolution going on, and it's a revolution of the monetary system, and every decade has a revolution, it was the internet, it was industrialization and now we're going through a revolution of changing the monetary system. Blockchain, Bitcoin and all other crypto products.

So we are in the middle of it." – Didi Taihutti says in an interview. Part of the reason why blockchain is so powerful is because it cuts out the need for a middleman entirely. That means you don't need a third party like a bank to clear your transactions.

Didi has been a big fan of blockchain for almost a decade. He once mined for Bitcoin but now only trades it along with other cryptos like Ether, Ripple and NEO.

It’s enough for food and necessities, which right now is all his family is looking for. 

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