Put Bitcoin in Your Investment Retirement Account (IRA) or 401k

No one has to tell you how hot Bitcoin is, or how profitable it's been. If you've invested $200 in Bitcoin in 2011, it would be worth over $1 million dollars today.

Yes, over $1 million dollars! People want to know, can I use my IRA or 401k to invest in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies? And the answer is yes! Through the amazing investment vehicle of self-directed IRA or 401k, Coin Jolt gives you the ability to move your retirement money into a bank of your choice, and from there, to a Bitcoin exchange of your choice.

You can invest using traditional funds that grow tax-deferred or Roth funds that grow tax-free. Furthermore, with a Coin Jolt financial plan, you hold the wallet offering you unmatched security and flexibility and allowing you to invest in initial coin offerings which can be extremely profitable. How much would you expect for such a plan? Some companies have an asset based fee structure, they'll charge 10% or 15% percent of your investment, say you're investing $150,000 dollars.

They'll charge you $15,000! At CoinJolt.com, our one-time setup fee is flat, whether it's $150,000 or $150,000,000 dollars. It's the same one-time flat rate setup fee, easily saving you thousands of dollars in setup fees alone.

Our plan is IRS compliant and with an Triple AAA+ rating, a stellar reputation for customer service and lifetime toll-free totally free customer support, Coin Jolt is the industry leader you can trust and turn to with your questions. Just ask some of our thousands of clients in all 50 states who we've helped open self-directed plans since 2011. For more information, click here to create an account at CoinJolt.com or give us a call at 1-(888)-998-9980.

Cryptocurrency is really taking off as a retirement investment opportunity, it's a great way to diversify your retirement portfolio and protect against having all your assets tied to the stock market. With traditional money, officials can just print off more money whenever they want, causing inflation! But Bitcoin has a cap for creation, once it has been reached, no more coins can be made, and that means no inflation. There are also tax-benefits to investing in a cryptocurrency IRA, you'll never pay taxes on capital gains!

You can take advantage of these great benefits by signing up at Coin Jolt. 

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