Pantera Capital - Hedge Fund Raises $100 Million Dollars For ICOs

Pantara Capital is currently in the process of $100 million dollars fundraising campaign for an ICO hedge fund. The news site Bitcoin dot com reports that the United States based Bitcoin investment firm, Pantera Capital is hoping to become the worlds first Bitcoin investment firm to offer an ICO hedge fund.

The funds will be open to private and institutional US based investors offering a means for many venture capital firms to participate in the ICO markets that are otherwise unable to directly invest in cryptocurrency projects or view the company policies.

An Interview With Pantera Capital Partners

The company plans to open up to non-us investors funds in the future for the movement of writing. The firm has already has successfully secured over $25 million dollars. In an interview with one of the partners at Pantera Capital with Paul Veradittakit starting with the question, "What brought you into a focus on the FinTech domain?" He replied, "I mean, our fund is focused exclusively on digital currencies and blockchain, which I think is the cutting edge of FinTech right now. You know a lot of my peers, whether they're in the investor community or whether they're working in startups, are all interested in how blockchain may disrupt FinTech" - Paul Veradittakit

What's your main passion in regards to the FinTech domain? "Yeah, you know, I mean, I think there are a lot of different sectors in FinTech that you know have been basically monopolizing what they do for a long time and part of that is, one of what we think is the killer use case for blockchain and digital currencies, is basically disrupting banks and money movements, so you know, to be able to find entrepreneurs and help them on their journey to make a difference, change the way things are done and really make things a lot more efficient, that's kinda what I'm passionate about. That's why I enjoy making investments, working with startups and you know, I think to make a difference in the world is what I really want to do." - Paul Veradittakit ends off with.

Pantera Capital Summary

Pantera Capital is a hedge fund specifically focused on investing in initial coin offerings, similar to Coin Jolt, we focus on both investing with promising startups in the blockchain space, as well as trading in highly volatile capitalized markets. We're excited about this space and the returns our investments generate so far and in the continuing future and invite our investors to sign up and get started with our managed cryptocurrency portfolio, where you can earn daily interest on the total amount you invest, as well as get paid dividends on the profits were able to generate.

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