Right Now is the Best Time to Buy Bitcoin

I thought Bitcoin was dead. Should I buy Bitcoin now? Or should I buy alt coins now?

What are the indicators that I should be looking for to know when you buy back if I should buy back at all? Let's go through the main conditions, under which you should buy Bitcoin or altcoins and to know which you should buy or how much of each you should buy.

First of all, let's answer the big question out there, I thought Bitcoin was dead, I thought it was dying - I mean it lost 70% of its value in no time. It's just bouncing up, is this a dead cat bounce? That's the most common question that we hear most often.

From a TV perspective, Bitcoin is in a perfect pitchfork, it's in a perfect channel, if you take the last 3 weeks of Bitcoin growth, if you take the average price, it's just a straight line. There's been a little variation where there are a spike up and a spike down, but overall, every single time Bitcoin looking bearish, there was a rising wedge, which means buying pressure is over.

Whenever there's the greatest amount of selling pressure, there's always somebody who swoops in with multiple million dollars worth of buy orders. It is, that fact we are waiting for high volume sell orders to enter the market, to scoop every single Bitcoin up as fast as we can.

That's what happens with Bitcoin technically. You can see this, happen straight over the last 3 weeks, you'll see that Bitcoin is like a freight train moving upwards. Pretty soon, as soon as the banks and hedge funds get all their legal paperwork taken care of, you will see another massive run up on Bitcoin. That's on the technical side.

On the fundamental side, large funds and banks need time to get their paperwork done in order to move their assets into a new asset class, it's not like they can just create an account and start moving massive amounts of volume. You've heard of the term, fractional reserve right? Have you heard of the 'Multiplier Effect?' Why the banks don't want you to use cryptocurrency but why the banks want to buy Bitcoin? First of all, that's obvious - if you have an enemy, all you have to do is control the enemy and the enemy disappears. For banks, the enemy is Bitcoin and to control it, they have to buy it all.

One of the tools that they're using to buy all the Bitcoin is pseudocryptocurrency, centralized cryptocurrency to be able to leverage and buy more Bitcoin. They want more Bitcoin so that they can control Bitcoin and snuff it out, to do that, they're using other cryptocurrencies that have recently become more popular because Bitcoin is a threat to them. Why? Because for every single dollar that you spend on Bitcoin, banks lose $100, $1,000, $5,000 even $10,000. If you withdraw $1.00 from your bank account, your bank can lose up to $10,000 of loaning power, of buying power and liquidity, because of Bitcoin. Because of what is called, the 'Multiplier Effect."

Fractional reserve basically means, if someone deposits $100 to the bank, fractional reserve says all you have to do is hold maybe 10% of that in your bank account. 90% of that can be loaned out, 90% of it can just be phantom money. If you go to the bank, and you account for all of the savings account balances that have been deposited over the years, let's say there have been $500 million dollars that have been deposited in this Bank of America or Wells Fargo branch in Beverly Hills, if you actually go into the vault, sure everybody deposited $500 million dollars, you know how much money is in the vault? Maybe $1,000,000, that's it. Well, what happened to the rest of the $499 million dollars? It's gone! It's been loaned out.

Why and how? Through the 'Multiplier Effect.'

This is what happens - you're allowed to have a fractional reserve, which means only a fraction of the money that's been deposited into your bank stays in the bank. Now, through what's called the Multiplier Effect, all you have to do is, if you took in $10, you can actually loan out $100 through the Federal Reserve. You loaned out $100 right? So basically, you're negative $90. But what happens to that $90? You loaned it to somebody, let's say you took it and loaned it out to 9 different people who only wanted a $10 loan. 9 different people got $10, and what did they do?

They went to 9 different banks, Citibank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase and then you interdeposit their $10 that they were able to loan from the first bank, guess what that branch does? They loan that again, by another factor of 9 or 10. If you do that often enough, that real $10 that was deposited first ends up generating $1,000, even $50,000 because every bank that gets a deposit, every time they deposit 10 times more through the Federal Reserve. That is what Bitcoin stops. Bitcoin stops the multiplier effect which ruins the Federal Reserve system which ruins a banks ability to charge you 20% interest on your credit cards.

You see why banks want Bitcoin dead? That's the explanation for the fundamental reason number one, why you should buy Bitcoin now. Because if Bitcoin wasn't a threat to banks, banks would be happy with you opening an account with them to buy cryptocurrencies. Until Bitcoin stops being a threat, Bitcoin is a strong buy.

That's the conclusion for the fundamental reason number one. Number two, all of the major venture capital companies in the world, all of the money in the world is going away from building websites and building biotech companies, social networks and they're going into cryptocurrency. All of the smartest people in the world, follow the money, follow the talent, all of the smartest people and the wealthiest people are all going into cryptocurrency right now, and they're doing it silently. They're doing it very quietly, because they want to be there early, before you. For example, Andreessen Horowitz, they are one of the most respected venture capital companies probably in the world. At least one of the top three, they invested in Medium, Coinbase, Slack, AirBnb, Pinterest, Lift, these guys are massive. Marc Andreesen, who created Netscape, you heard of the browser? They are actively engaging, investing and pushing for cryptocurrencies like Ripple, interestingly enough.

And they're associated with Michael Arrington of Techcrunch. So everybody knows everybody, this is a Silicon Valley mafia, that's investing heavily into cryptocurrency and you know what they did?

They went to Congress last week and lobbied to make sure some coins were not considered a security. Why would some of the smartest and wealthiest people, most powerful people in technology go all of the way to Washington D.C. to lobby politicians to make sure their coins are not considered securities if there was no future in it? Reason number three, why you should Bitcoin, the CFTC, the SEC in America and the equivalent in every single country, just about has already decided and just laid down the law that Bitcoin is not a security.

Bitcoin is just one of these things that they cannot touch. So, that answers the question, should you buy alt coins or should you buy Bitcoin, doesn't it? Some altcoins have regulatory static overhead because there are central parties that are selling it, marketing it, doing pre-sales just like a security. So alt coins have that danger, but they are the primary vehicle by which the wealthy, the New York City and San Francisco Based Funds are pooling their money to get leverage over BItcoin. So should you buy Bitcoin?

How long should you hold altcoins? Very briefly. Make your 300% and move everything bank into Bitcoin as soon as possible. The moment it breaks that $10,000 barrier, it's literally going to explode, especially there's nothing holding Bitcoin back, because it's not a security. Not even regulations in a country, can slow down Bitcoins growth, whereas law enforcement can shut down your alt coin, Bitcoin, is above the law. That is the fundamental reason why you should buy Bitcoin. 

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