A Revolutionary Way To Invest For Retirement

Cryptocurrency is taking off as a retirement investment opportunity. It’s a great way to diversify your retirement portfolio and protect against having all of your assets tied to the stock market. With traditional money, officials can just print off more money whenever they want, causing inflation. But Bitcoin has a cap on creation, once it has been reached, no more coins can be made and that means no inflation.

There are also tax benefits to investing in a managed cryptocurrency portfolio. You'll never pay taxes on capital gains. You can take advantage of these great benefits and get started investing with

To protect your investments from thieves and hackers, Coin Jolt has developed a proprietary multi-signature technology, no other company can match its security. We generate 3 security keys, keeping them in separate cold storage locations. That means your security keys aren't kept on the internet and hackers have no way of accessing your keys. It's the safest method of storage.

Unlike other companies, which may store your keys offshore or in a dangerous hot storage wallet online, also requires government-issued identification and voice verification to transfer and withdraw funds. No other cryptocurrency investment company offers this level of security. Most only offer 1 key and they require you to store it yourself.

Not safe. If a security key in your possession gets lost or damaged, your investment is gone forever.

With Coin Jolt you'll never lose your keys and investment. is the only turnkey full-service company that walks you through the process of investing. Make sure it's IRS compliant protects your investment and offers $2,000,000 insurance on all transactions. Ready to invest in cryptocurrency for your retirement? is ready to help.

Below are 5 reasons why your Bitcoin investment will grow. In 2009 Bitcoin was introduced as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. Companies began accepting the cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Since then, investors started believing in cryptocurrency causing Bitcoins price to grow.

  1. Skyrocketing demand in Asia, cryptocurrency has gone global.
  2. Money-transfer services in Bitcoin are soaring which makes it cheaper than traditional transfer services.
  3. SEC considering Bitcoin regulatory approval.
  4. The rise of ICOs keeps Bitcoin on the floating line. Investors and businesses are eager to start a business on a blockchain.
  5. Global exposure. Cryptocurrency is going mainstream and increasing popularity and potential.

Bitcoin is the driving force behind a new ecosystem of peer-to-peer trade. For proof, look no further than the futures market.

The CME and CBOE, the largest futures contract exchanges in the world are now trading cryptocurrency. Regulated exchanges are streamlining the system and bringing cryptocurrency trading to a wide audience. Bitcoins massive price surge may be the most obvious proof of its mainstream appeal. What does the future hold for Bitcoin? Bitcoin is surging into the mainstream on a wave of advances in regulation, technology, and new financial infrastructure.

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