How Do I Choose a Bitcoin Wallet?

I struggle with that question on a daily basis because not only do I choose a Bitcoin wallet for myself but I recommend a wallet to most of everyone I come across and the criteria are usually different. The wallet I choose for myself tends to have 150 tunable knobs and parameters that I can highly customize, so if my wallet doesn't do "RBF over TOR to my own node," it's like, whatever.  

Whereas someone who's completely new to the industry, I just said three words that meant completely nothing. So that wallet is immediately unsuitable for someone that's new to cryptocurrency and I'll recommend a completely different one. It's a difficult choice and most importantly it's a choice that changes every three months, because the whole space is evolving, wallets that used to be good are no longer good, wallets that used to have principles that I agreed with no longer have principles that I agree with, wallets that used to be secure are not as secure anymore and so what I do is I change them often.

Every year I switch which is my primary mobile day to day wallet. My long-term cold wallet storage system is not a wallet, it's a piece of paper that holds a seed that's not on hardware. So that's a whole other story, that can remain static for years. In terms of the day to day transactions into the network, that changes. So I constantly try to re-evaluate wallets and see if they're keeping up.

Like right now one of the criteria I have is if it doesn't do SegWit I don't want to use it. It's too expensive for me, I need to use SegWit and I want to get a fee discount so if your wallet doesn't do SegWit, I'm not interested in using it. What that means is I don't currently have a mobile wallet, because none of them use SegWit, so sometimes you do have to be tolerant of differences.

What I can tell you is that no matter what wallet you choose, you are clearly a traitor to the cause and have obviously made the wrong choice and it's not because you were mistaken, it is because you are trying to maliciously undermine the health of the network because you were bought off by the CIA and the Illuminati.

I've never worked in a space where the circular firing square is on full automatic all of the time but no matter what choice you make you will obviously be criticized by almost everyone who didn't make that choice, it's not a winning game, keep it to yourself probably and I don't take those things too seriously, you just have to try to navigate a very complex, drama filled environment the best you can. 

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