DomRaider (DRT) Coin Review - Investors Guide

Dom Raider (DRT) is a hyper growth startup. They specialize in drop-catching, a technique developed to snap up expired domain names. The company has been actively working in the drop catching field for years. In 2017, they launched their ICO and digital token. In 2018, they plan to move domain auctions onto the blockchain. There are plenty of reasons why you would want to register an expired domain. You might want to boost your SEO, take shortcuts in your SEO strategy, monetize a domain's traffic, invest in domain names or secure your digital identity by registering the domain names close to your brand, whatever your reason may be, DomRaider makes it easier. You can register domains through the companies app, or their online dashboard.

What Features Does DomRaider (DRT) Have?

DomRaider has a full suite of features catered to the drop catching industry. Here are a few of the reasons why DomRaider is a popular domain registration service:

1. Support for multiple extensions. DomRaider supports more than 18 TLDs including, .com, .fr, .uk and more.

2. Snap rate. DomRaider has a 94% successful snap rate.

3. Price. You can pre-order a domain for a nominal fee, 9 Euro for a .com domain.

4. Filter and sort. You can filter and sort multiple domains using multiple criteria, by themes, indicators, and keywords.

a. DomRaider supports popular third-party tools like Majestic and SemRush.

b. Download a complete listing of domains with their indicators.

c. Customers enjoy support from their dedicated account managers.

d. You can manage all aspects of your domain through the DomRaider platform, including DNS, redirection, parking and more.

e. Limit your digital footprint with anonymous WHOIS data.

So how does DomRaider work? Essentially DomRaider has a process of buying newly expired domains, then they sell those domains at auction. You can sign up for an account, then pay to register a specific domain. If there is no competition for a domain, then you'll register the domain as soon as it's available. Signing up for a DomRaider account is free, you can access basic account features without paying for DomRaider. However, once you need to register a domain, you'll need to pay a fee. DomRaider is a domain registration form that consists of an app and an online browser based platform. Since 2013, the company has made it easy to drop catch domains which involve registering domains as soon as they expire to catch valuable domains before anyone else.

Here Are DomRaider (DRT) Statistics?

Let me share a few numbers with you: The DomRaider team has tripled in one year, this has spread over 3 countries, soon expanding to 5. DomRaider has over 20,000 transactions to their name, building an impressive customer base. They are accredited by international registries for 27 extensions. DomRaider secured $4 million dollars in funding. Their business is auction based and today, DomRaider would like to introduce the DomRaider Network.

It's an open source blockchain for decentralized real-time auctions. The blockchain will be transparent, reliable, scalable and interoperable – without compromising on speed. The DomRaider network is not only aimed to register auctions and bids, it's the core of a complete new auctioning ecosystem, aimed to provide an innovative solution for all worldwide auctioning players. Live auctioneers, escrow, appraisal experts, escrow, delivery services, online auction providers, and mobile app developer will all be able to join the network, provide their services and add value to the blockchain.

DomRaider (DRT) Ecosystem Conclusion

DomRaider Token is at the heart of this ecosystem. We spend tokens to organize new auctions, escrow the bids and buy additional services to third parties. Anyone will be able to get tokens, auctioning goods or services, getting commissions on sales, and selling additional services. Members of the DomRaider community can even participate in the "Domain Spotters" program to get free tokens. 

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