DAOStack Raises $30 Million With Initial Coin Offering

For a very long period of time, human beings have been working as tribes, as hierarchies and as markets. That's how we get stuff done. For the first time, we are truly a global civilization. We are now at a point where neither markets or hierarchies has the capacity to handle the set of problems that we're facing, say climate. To a certain point, you can accelerate your problems exponentially, you're done. You have to invent and entirely new toolkit for how people can co-ordinate their sense making, their choice making and their actions as a collective intelligence. And that is precisely what DAOStack is endeavouring to do.

"At a very young age, I was driven to the relationship between complexity and simplicity. How a complex phenomenon are explained with simple principles. That's what drove me into doing PhD in string theory.

I was also experimenting by building an organic food cooperative and community garden there was this feeling should be easy and can be easy, but it was a missing element. When I met the blockchain, I instantly saw the future of how a decentralized organization, how cooperative organization would look like at scale."  – Matan Field, Co-Founder at DAOSTack

"It started with Bitcoin and with Bitcoin we were able to transfer value. And the next iteration was really Ethereum to enable all kind of decentralized platforms. But there's definitely still a missing piece and that is governance.

How do you do that in a way without compromising on decentralization, still keeping the openness, not fall back into centralized decision-making, that's what DAOStack is about." – Martin Koppelman, CEO of Gnosis

The only answer that has the characteristics of a proper solution will look like a decentralized autonomous organization. DAOStack is building the complete decentralized end-to-end technology layer for governance of organizations.

It can be a decentralized Wikipedia, but it can also be a decentralized investment fund, or decentralized insurance network. DAOStack is a platform for collectives to self-organize around any shared goal or interest around core values. The first purpose of designing the DAOStack was not to build a specific protocol or a specific application, but rather to build the soil, the ground in which a helical system can thrive.

There's a natural tension of scalability, scaling up a number of decisions, a collective can make in a period of time and resilience, the incorruptibility of those decisions and we resolve that tension by inventing new collective decision making processes at scale which is called holographic consensus, whereby small groups can take decisions on behalf of the larger majority but in a way that guarantees a perfect alignment and coherence with the wheel of the greater majority.

With DAOStack, we'll be able to choose the best governance model template and implement it immediately using the DAOStack tech layer. That's the way this world is going to work in the future.

"So many of us feel skeptical and worried about all of the new technology that's being built. We're responsible for creating the value behind the tools we're using." Nathalia Scherer, Public Relations at DAOStack

While each of us in each market and each state is trying to become more efficient and more aligned, if you look at the global scale, we are actually becoming less and less with the collective well being.

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