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Familiar with cryptocurrencies? Then you probably know Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin and hundreds of other coins. Today, over 3000 different cryptocurrencies exist and new coins are brought into existence every day. Finding out exchange rates for different cryptocurrencies was always pretty tricky and Cryptonator supposedly solved that problem. They say they're your friendly cryptocurrency converter but Cryptonator does more than just take information from different exchanges and calculate the most accurate and precise exchange rates, they take all your cryptocurrencies as a pure scam. Cryptonator says with their platform you can easily convert your cryptocurrencies into another one like the US Dollar, Euro or GBP but when you try to withdraw your funds they won't release them.

Cryptonator Stealing Peoples Coins

Cryptonator is available online at and in the App Store for your iPhone or your iPhone and as an extension for Chrome browser. Cryptonator supposedly makes cryptocurrency conversion easy, well, in conclusion, they just steal them.

What Does Cryptonator Promote Themselves As?

Cryptonator is an online wallet to be able to store Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies, nice enough they have a Google Play app that you can access so that's really nice to enhance their criminal activities. When we talk about an online wallet, think about us, those of you into the cryptocurrency realm, think about CoinJolt, it's being able to store your Bitcoin and altcoins in an online area where you have to access through online, it's not somewhere that is saved on your desktop and nobody can access. These people can access your coins which is why Cryptonator is not the safest route to take, but it is an option for those people. It gives you extra things. Cryptonator has an app and it has a lot of different cryptocurrencies, not just Bitcoin, it has Dash, Ethereum, Monero, they have an instant currency exchange on anonymous and secure customer reviews which after taking a closer look, we found out were completely fraudulent reviews.

Cryptonator a Confirmed Scam

Cryptonator is a confirmed scam so for those of you that are looking at Coinbase or different solutions because maybe you're in an area of the world where Coinbase has disabled and your options are left to some of these scam wallets or exchanges. Do NOT use Cryptonator either, it as a clear and apparent scam and we've already reported them to the appropriate authorities. If you enjoyed reading this post, click here to sign up and start buying or investing in digital currencies instantly with ZERO fees.

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