Aurora DAO (AURA) Token

Modern financial systems have enabled rapid economic expansion and improved the lives of billions. However their centralized design cannot meet todays growing financial needs. Introducing Aurora (AURA) the decentralized cryptocurrency banking and financial platform. By combining a real-time digital assets exchange with the worlds first decentralized bank, Aurora creates a stable financial platform that anybody regardless of geographic location or status can use to secure their financial freedom.

How Does The Aurora DAO (AURA) Token Work?

IDEX – Aurora's hybrid decentralized exchange allows any Ethereum cryptocurrency to be traded securely, and in real-time. Traders can place and fill multiple market orders at once and cancel orders instantly without incurring Gas costs. IDEX operates hand-in-hand with the Boreal, Aurora's price stable cryptocurrency. Backed by a combination of cryptocurrency reserves and debt. Boreals are accepted at their target value as payment for IDEX trading fees and eventually for other services within the growing DAP economy.

How Can You Use Aurora (AURA)?

IDEX and the Boreal will migrate to operate on Snowglobe. A side chain protocol that enables multiple high-performance exchanges to share liquidity. Snowglobe will expand the number of exchanges backing the Boreal and serve as the foundation that enables Aurora to scale to the level of the current financial system. As Boreal usage grows, Aurora will begin to issue loans in the currency through the first cryptocurrency bank, decentralized capital. Blockchain-based identity and credit systems will allow for accurate risk assessment enabling decentralized capital to bring a digital banking solution to consumers in all parts of the world.

Aurora (AURA) Conclusion

Aurora will be the first fully decentralized cryptocurrency banking and financial platform where anybody in the world can trade, borrow or grow their wealth. 

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