Aragon (ANT) Coin Review - Investors Guide

Aragon (ANT) is one of those coins that seeks to kind of decentralize organizations hoping to solve some of the worlds biggest problems. You pronounce it like the air is gone, Aragon, like you can't breathe because the air is gone, but I don’t think you're going to suffocate about this coin. Aragon (ANT) is for decentralizing organizations, bypassing political and organization boundaries. It can even bypass national boundaries, it's borderless and permission-less. Which is great and scary if you're a government or corporation, a large entity. Aragon (ANT) can operate without fear of a government or a third party interfering, essentially attaching the visionaries or connecting the visionaries to the people actually executing the tasks. So it's pretty powerful stuff. It essentially creates an effect where you can have open-source organizations. The whole goal of this organization is to be a digital jurisdiction.

What Features Do Aragon (ANT) Include?

An online decentralized court system if you would is, how they put it, which wouldn't be bound by any sort of traditional barriers such as borders or national jurisdictions. We're talking about a decentralized arbitrage system, a decentralized jurisdiction and it allows for arbitrations to occur between two parties. What they call a decentralized court system. If you own a token, you have voting rights, a say in disputes and governance power. There are some other things about Aragon (ANT) that will catch your eye is the total supply, it's actually really low. It's at 39 million, now, to put that into perspective, Litecoin (LTC) is at 54 million as their limit. Bitcoin has 21 million, so this is somewhere in between Litecoin and Bitcoin on the total supply. So that actually makes this coin, very appealing. Coupled with the Aragon foundation, which is the group behind this coin makes this a very strong coin.

Why Was Aragon (ANT) Successful?

Anyone can build a smart-contract, you don't have to have a coding background, you don't have to be technical savvy and that's very appealing because if you want to build a smart-contract on the Ethereum network, with Geth or Solidity, which is Google's Go programming language combined with Ethereum, they call it Go-Eth, Geth to actually create a smart-contract. With Aragon (ANT) the vision is that anybody can do it. It should be very liberating if you think about how revolutionary this idea is. The fundamental nature of human beings is that we're social creatures that organize. We organize into tribes, we organize into towns and into cities, we organize into teams, we organize into businesses. We are organizing people. This decentralizes the organization so you can still feel inclusive, or included, but you're not controlled by a centralized entity and that idea is very appealing. In fact, anyone can vote, in real-time for their marketplace of choice and again, you don't have to have a little technical background or coding.

Why Makes Aragon (ANT) So Popular?

You don't need technical skills to participate and that's revolutionary. So there are 3 really revolutionary things about the coin: 1. Organization 2. Arbitrage System 3. Anyone can create a smart-contract. Which is very similar to the early days of the internet, where the internet was used exclusively by academics and all of a sudden the visual browser came into effect and everybody could use it. It was mass-adoption. 

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