About Us

Brought to you by a group of the first few Bitcoin investors since 2009, as well as leading blockchain developers with over 10 years of experience in portfolio management, now focused entirely on digital currency or cryptocurrency.

Our mission is to be able to deliver the highest returns in comparison to any other asset class in a constantly developing new sector. Generate at a bare minimum 200% annual returns with our managed cryptocurrency portfolio available to both institutional and individual investors. Capitalize off a brand new hyper adopting technology known as blockchain.

Invest in a managed cryptocurrency portfolio with a proven track record of providing unparalleled returns. We utilize marginalized trading in established capitalized markets with high volatility, utilizing real-time market price tracking instruments and actively trade across a variety of high capitalized assets.

In addition, we buy tokens on promising initial coin offerings backed by reputable companies with a strong corporate standing and previous recorded experience and history of success.

Utilizing Leveraged Positions

By investing in our managed cryptocurrency portfolio, we’re able to execute trades with leveraged positions. We’re able to significantly push the leverage on positions through marginalized trading.

⚡ An example would be, a $100,000 investment could be leveraged up to 20x for a $2,000,000 capital investment in Bitcoin.

These margins become extremely profitable, especially during times of high volatility.

For example, as an individual investor, if you were to invest $100,000 at $10,000 per coin, you would only be able to purchase 10 Bitcoins.

In contrast, if you decide to invest in our managed cryptocurrency portfolio, that same $100,000 could be leveraged up to 20 times for a $2,000,000 position across a variety of digital currencies, or 20 Bitcoins.

As Bitcoin prices increase, at $50,000 per coin, a small investment of $100,000 would generate a return from 20 Bitcoins, a total $10,000,000 market value, as opposed to with 10 Bitcoins worth $500,000.

The difference in profit is $400,000 from a $100,000 investment for 10 Bitcoins as an individual investor as opposed to $8,000,000 for the same $100,000 for 20 Bitcoins.

One of the benefits of investing in our managed cryptocurrency portfolio is that any losses from all investments made towards our managed cryptocurrency portfolio are covered by our capital reserves. The returns we’re seeing are so incredible, we’re willing to take all of the risks.

Historical Trend and Potential Future Gains

In 2011, Bitcoin had a market value per coin of $0.30. If you had purchased $100 worth of just Bitcoin, you would have 333 of them, which at a current market value between $10,000 – $20,000 would be equivalent to the value between $3,330,000 – $6,660,000.

Our analysts forecast the value of each Bitcoin reaching upwards of $1,000,000 per coin by 2021. Despite what you hear, the steady trend of Bitcoin has been exponential in the long-term perspective, this is due to the fundamental technology and underlying principles of what it stands for. The increasing interest from institutional investors, high net worth individuals, government adoption as well rapid expansion in blockchain technology across multiple high capitalized industries like financial services, eCommerce, delivery services, gaming, virtual reality and the overall global economy is bound to create many multiples in value for the price of each coin. In addition being increasingly scarce as an asset.

There will only ever be 21,000,000 Bitcoins created, all of which are expected to be digitally mined by 2040. Investing in our portfolio allows you to secure a stake with exceptional odds in your favor.

Additional Platform Features

Get instant access to leading market instruments, market research tools, latest news and current prices across a variety of cryptocurrency.

Safety and Security

We uphold the highest standard of security and enable multiple security protocols to ensure confidentiality and safety of assets.

Balrain Hassan
Government Relations

Balrain was introduced to blockchain technology in 2015. With 25 years of experience in finance and securities regulations on an international level, he works exclusively with tokenized products and services to ensure compliance and regulations are met, moving the needle forward for better government and jurisdictive legislation.



Kelly Wendal
Legal Secretary

Kelly brings her legal background to blockchain and cryptocurrency. She aspires to create a better government awareness and understanding of all things cryptocurrency.



Barton Watson
Market Research Analyst

Barton specializes in research and analysis across a wide spectrum of tradable securities, his primary focus now revolves around digital currencies. His background is in trading securities through analyzing market behavior and capitalizing off speculative volatility. His least favorite book is The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham.



George Polodakias
News and Press

George focuses on public relations between the general public, media, advertising and journalism. His role revolves around analyzing the latest news, being involved in communities surrounding blockchain, and cryptocurrency.



Larry Finkle
Market Research

Larry spends the majority of time researching market data, learning about upcoming initial coin offerings and the latest in blockchain technology. He has a passion for innovation and technology and believes decentralization and anonymity are the keys to a better financial, industrial and technology-based economy.



Blake Westwood
Cryptocurrency Trader

Blake enjoys trading Bitcoin and Ethereum for 2-5% daily returns. His passive-aggressive trading approach enables a mitigation of risk by trading establishing capitalized assets during volatility.



Barne Dolce
Media Communications

Fluent in 15 different languages including Russian, Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi, Korean and French, Barne is able to communicate effectively with international communities and media in the blockchain environment.



Ryan Harrington
Cyber Security

Ryan is a cybersecurity expert with a deep understanding of systems and infrastructure, databases, software, and hardware. He has spent the last few years designing and building algorithms with market data for a more robotic approach to investing in cryptocurrency.



Brenda Robertson
Public Relations

Brenda spent 15 years in the news and media industry before she started her career in public relations. Her specialty is building relationships for a Rolodex in press releases with media companies, news outlets, newspaper publishing and digital media publishers.



Daisey Wobbles
Creative Designer

Daisey’s full-time passion is using Adobe Photoshop to create elegant, minimalistic and artistic designs and has worked for various companies that have tokenized their products and services through an initial coin offering.  She works part-time on weekends at a local bakery and serves the less fortunate at the end of the day with unsold product.



Igor Kuvinsky
Blockchain Developer

Igor has worked on some of the most popular cryptocurrency protocols including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Monero. Kuvinsky is a full-stack developer and has a passion for all things programming, coding and software.



Corraine Folkner
Creative Specialist

Corraine specializes in digital media creatives. Her primary role is social media excerpts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Stumble Upon, Medium and Reddit.



Joshua Oxford
Legal Attorney

Joshua is a legal professional with 20 years of experience in the legal field in which throughout his career focused entirely on intellectual property laws. For the past 20 years, Josh has worked diligently in the technology sector protecting companies with innovative solutions, achieve regulatory and legislative standards and prevent infringement.



Paula Lin
Research Analyst

Paula researches cryptocurrencies analyzing and recognizing digital asset market conditions through economic principles. Heavily invested in gold, she believes Bitcoin has the potential to be the $6 trillion dollar equivalent.



Dr. Max Griswald
Research and Development

Dr. Griswald has an extensive background in economics, psychology and financial markets. He prides himself on being a capitalist, as “competition breeds a better product or services,” and believes the majority of growth in sectors will be a result of advances in blockchain technology. He belives  anonymity, public ledgers and decentralization are the key stages of industrial change.



Dustin McKinley
Customer Support

Dustin volunteers with multiple non-profit organizations, charities and religious groups, such as Charity: Water, Global Giving, and Veterans Fund. He spends most of his time replying to emails, phone calls and provides answers to general inquiries through social media.



Donna Kerrera
Public Relations

Donna is an ex-professional ice skater and thrill seeker. Her professional career includes many forms of marketing, advertising and media. She is a social media enthusiast with a wide range of skills from organizing community events to raising capital for startups. She specializes in public relation and is constantly engaged with the blockchain community. She works exclusively with project managers to ensure they’re getting only accurate information out to the marketplace, including news, market data and upcoming project releases.



Barrel Gibson
Cryptocurrency Trader

Barrel is a financial research analyst and active cryptocurrency trader. He became a blockchain enthusiast with a response to how the global economic 2008 market crash could have been avoided if financial records were built using decentralized ledgers.



Fred Ver
Portfolio Manager

Fred is a securities, bonds, real estate, commodities and futures contract expert. His track record of 20% annual returns translated to over 500% annual returns with digital currencies.



Domo Lu
Portfolio Manager

Domo works exclusively with high net worth individuals helping them evaluate their finances to create a suitable investment plan according to their risk profile. Lu believes blockchain technology is the future and that cryptocurrency is still in the ages of infancy.



Edward Peng
Portfolio Manager

Edward allocates assets across a variety of portfolio templates. His investment approach includes minimizing risk through diversification. He believes Bitcoin has established itself as being the reserve currency for cryptocurrency and will continue to be widely adopted.



Galing Mabutay
Project Manager

Galing focuses on startups and upcoming blockchain based projects. His focus is finding promising initial coin offerings backed by reputable companies and investing in secured token holdings. He is also responsible for routinely securing assets in secured inaccessible storage and monitors assets on a daily basis.



Melissa Gardner
Social Media Publishing

Melissa believes cryptocurrency will do to finance what the internet did to communications. Improve speed of transactions, create trust and offer security for the exchange of value. She doesn’t hold anything back when sharing her contradicting ideas with social media.



Bruce Buckley
Portfolio Manager

Bruce has worked in the financial sector for companies including JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and Bank of America to build private equity profiles, wealth management, and asset management portfolios across a variety of asset classes. His financial background brings private equity to digital currencies.



Gurjit Dhaliwal
Blockchain Research

Gurjit is a research and development aficionado. His talents include being able to identify which blockchain projects have widespread potential based on the technology that surrounds an industry.



Gong Ki
Blockchain Explorer

Gong is a physicist, mathematician and aspiring astrologist. He is currently working with a team to develop a blockchain based approach to publicize space and interplanetary discoveries. He thinks a world based on mathematically weighted based decisions can liberate humanity from common error through the use of a publicly recorded ledgers distributed across decentralized networks for all types of data.



Joanne Hubbart
Customer Support

Joanne has a passion for people. Her thoughtful approach and charming attitude make conversation a real delight. She spends her time answering questions on social media, email, and via the phone.



Jim Kong Wu
News Research Staff

Jim is a reporter for a local media outlet with a career in editorial publishing. He focuses on organizing the latest news surrounding blockchain and creating content for the general public.



Balik Jupar
Software Engineer

Balik is a professional in software engineering. He focuses on creating visual effect based market instruments utilizing real-time market data.



Khalil Gibson
Market Research and Investments

Khalil’s investment philosophy is based on that history repeats itself. His vast experience in trading stocks utilizing correlated market graphs across a wide spectrum of asset classes to make prediction based investments have yielded continuous positive returns.



Tyrell Jones
Accounting and Bookkeeping

Tyrell has a background in bookkeeping and financial accounting. He focuses in the financial management department organizing and recording taxes, payroll, revenues and expenses.