A Small $100,000 Bitcoin Investment

CoinJolt.com's proprietary technology allows users to track digital currency prices across multiple of the top exchanges which allow you to buy and sell cryptocurrency at the guaranteed lowest and highest prices. As the leader in cryptocurrency portfolio management, specifically Bitcoin and Ethereum we provide the opportunity for institutional and individual investors to buy digital currency instantly, without any transaction fees.

Here's a report from a user who invested $100,000 and generated $50,041.02 (+50.04%) profit.

As one of the few earliest adopters in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, our main priority has always been keeping up to date with latest market trends and behavioral patterns. Whether as a speculative investment, a store value asset class or the underlying intrinsic value of blockchain technology being used as a peer to peer decentralized currency. As long as there's a reasonable amount of transactions and market behavior on a continuous basis, there's reassurance that comes with investing in Coin Jolt. Click here to create an account and start investing today.

Our users are eligible to participate in our managed cryptocurrency portfolio. Before we break down how we allocate our assets, here's one case study from an individual investor who deposited $150,010: As you can see by the image above, our portfolio generated a profit of $81,911.48 (+54.60%) with just a small $150,000 investment in less then 30 days.

After getting over regulations and proper corporate structure, we've been able to innovate our platform to have a cryptocurrency portfolio fund to manage investments completely. This is especially attractive for investors who choose to be less tedious about their investments and would rather have someone manage investments for more likely than rather being an independent investor, generate higher returns. Our technology constantly tracks the prices across almost every digital currency by simultaneously comparing prices among the top exchanges. This is how we've been able to produce incredible returns. By trading during times of highest and lowest volatility across the wide spectrum of digital currency we're able to generate significantly greater returns than the average individual investor.

By allowing you to keep track of all of the activity with each investment through our main dashboard, you have complete and total transparency in your investments. You're able to keep view your entire portfolio, monitor in real time active trades, which positions are being held, the exact assets under management as well as keep track of every order placed throughout the history of being an investor in our fund. One of the major benefits of investing with us is the precautionary measures we've taken to ensure every dollar you've invested in us, is secured and insured by corporate reserves. Because we're able to significantly push the boundaries through marginalized trades utilizing the collective resources of investors, we're able to generate higher rates on returns providing investors with phenomenal results.

Our track record speaks for itself, as we've been able to generate the highest returns for our investors and a far superior approach in comparison to almost any other existing cryptocurrency platform and portfolio available. 

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