50 Cent Finds 700 Bitcoins

50 Cent forgot he had Bitcoin, now it's worth $8.5 million dollars. While everyone was going bananas for Bitcoin at the end of 2017, 50 Cent apparently had 700 Bitcoins he totally forgot about.

Back in 2014, he released Animal Ambition and became the first artist to accept a Bitcoin as payment. From the deal, he received more than 700 Bitcoins, those coins are now worth $7 to $8.5 million USD. For now, Bitcoin is currently valued at around $11,200 but still remains highly volatile. Not bad for a kid from South Side, "Mom's so proud of me" Fifty wrote on his Instagram. 50 Cent's financial situation is constantly fluctuating.

His movie "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" to "I'ma Die Tryna' Spend This S***," and then he filed for bankruptcy. As you might remember, 50 Cent filed for bankruptcy back in 2015 and everyone criticized him for it, but apparently yesterdays "L" is today's "P" because Fifty incidentally made a decision by allowing Bitcoin as payment for his 2014 album Animal Ambition.

That album, in case you forgot was his fifth studio outing with features from Yo Gotti, Trey Songs, The Late Prodigy, Schoolboy Q and even former foe, Jadakiss P. Fifth was the biggest artist to accept the cryptocurrency as payment for album sales at the time. When Animal Ambition was released, Bitcoins were valued at under $700 a coin. Well today, the price of Bitcoin is hovering at around $11,000 and reached $20,000 highs not too long ago. At the time, 50 made about $400,000 in sales in the form of 700 or so Bitcoins. Today, that $400,000 in Bitcoins is worth somewhere between $7 - $8.5 million.

This isn't one of his best commercially performing or even very memorable albums, yet Ferrari F50 ended up making a significant amount of extra money thanks to luck and some investing foresight. As for that bankruptcy case, it was discharged back in February of 2017 by a Connecticut judge after Fifty quickly paid off his debts once agreeing to a payment plan that was said during the past July.

Let's just hope that Fifty remembers the information necessary to access his Bitcoins. He's not the only rapper to express interest in cryptocurrency. Yesterday, in an interview with Rolling Stone, Offset says he wants to spend his golden years getting paid off smart Bitcoin investments, not doing a reality TV for a quick profit. Maybe cryptocurrency can inspire Fifty's next thriller, for now, you can catch Curtis on the big screen in Den of Thieves alongside O'Shea Jackson Jr and Gerard Butler. 

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