5 Principles of a Well Managed Portfolio

•    How can I make my money grow? 
•    How can I preserve it? 
•    How can I get income out of it that will last my lifetime?

These are the questions people ask us all of the time. Is there a way to engineer your portfolio to maximize growth and minimize risk to get the maximum growth at the minimum risk? 

We believe there are 5 principles of portfolio management that can get you where you want to go. So let's take a quick look.

Principle 1:
We have an investment mission. Always get the maximum amount of gain for the minimum amount of risk.

Principle 2:
An actively managed portfolio should match market conditions. The portfolio should be adjusted based on current market conditions.

Principle 3:
Know your time horizon. People are living longer often to their 90s and 100s. A great portfolio should be able to provide you money when you need it now and growth for the future when you have it later in life. Don't underestimate how long your life will last.

Principle 4:
You need to know your investment priorities. Take a few minutes and rank these core priorities in order of importance to you.

a.  Income
b.  Growth
c.  Preservation
d.  Legacy
e.  Liquidity

And then we make sure the portfolio is built to meet these goals in order of importance to you.

Principle 5:
Ever portfolio must be diversified in two ways. Across asset classes and across product classes. Optimized portfolios include market and insurance products. Not just one or the other but a combination of the two working together to create efficiency and meet your mission of maximum return at minimum risk.

Those are our 5 core principles. Got it? Great! Now it's your turn to put your money to work by putting these principles to work. Than sit back and enjoy the results.

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