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How It Works

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    Register an Account Within Seconds

    Available for both individuals and institutions.

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    Most Secure Deposit Options

    All major credit cards, wire transfer, cryptocurrency. Deposits must be at least than $500 USD.

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    Simple Investing and Wealth Management

    Instant transactions and zero fees. A managed cryptocurrency portfolio with a projected 200% minimum annual returns.


Hot Wallet

    • Instantly connect to dozens of cryptocurreny networks to send and receive funds with the most secure wallet in the industry.
    • Actively monitored assets with accurately calculated market values.
    • Transfer funds to a cold wallet for secure offline storage.
    • Multiple enabled security protocols and automatic lockdown signals to prevent unauthorized access.

Cold Wallet

    • Secure and monitor assets offline to guarantee safety and prevent attempts to breach security.
    • Accumulate digital assets seamlessly through your back office.
    • Request to transfer digital currency to your Hot Wallet to readily engage in cryptocurrency.

Buy and Sell Digital Currency

The most trusted digital currency platform

Coin Jolt provides an easy and simple to navigate user interface allows getting started in digital currency to be a seamless process.


Access to Market Data

Get access to leading market data, latest news, tools and resources.


Getting Started Within Seconds

You are only a few moments away from creating an account.


Security intelligence

Digital assets are safe and secure and user balances are insured by corporate reserves.


Benefit as an Early Adopter

Volatility means opportunity. Current market growth is expected to be at a 40x multiple.

Industry Leading

Why Choose Coin Jolt


Payment Options

Most popular methods: All major credit cards, wire transfer and cryptocurrency accepted.


Security Intelligence

Protection against DDoS attacks, full data encryption.


Global Coverage

Providing services in 99% countries around the globe.


Advanced Reporting

Downloadable reports, real time balance and transaction history.


New Standard of Returns

Proprietary industry leading technology can make a significant difference with your investments.


An Innovative Approach

Connected to every major exchange our platform allows users and clients to buy and sell digital assets at guaranteed best prices.

A Decentralized Global Network of Inclusion

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Risk Disclosure

Security & Guarantee


Fully Regulated

Working with top government regulators and regulatory officials.


Global Coverage

The majority of assets are monitored and routinely stored in safe distributed, inaccessible storage vaults.



We will never share your information Full account data encryption.